Why FR Certification Matters for Scaffold Sheeting

FR-certified scaffold sheeting ensures fire safety, which is crucial for protection in case of flame spread. Don’t overlook its importance.
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Why FR Certification Matters for Scaffold Sheeting
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The word ‘certified’ has a reassuring effect on a product. It indicates performance, quality, reliability, and traceability. Most importantly, it suggests that key standards on safety have been met. 

In scaffold sheeting, being labelled as FR-certified means passing standardised fire safety tests. Upon meeting these, the sheets are fully tested and approved to prevent fire spread.  

But why is FR certification important? Which testing bodies are authorised to certify? How do you recognise certified scaffold sheeting? Keep reading for answers! 

Why Is FR Certification Important? 

Construction sites pose significant risks to workers. Thus, health and safety need to be consistent on-site. Prioritising fire safety is crucial among the numerous safety measures to take. Enter the use of FR-certified scaffold sheeting, which meets essential flame prevention requirements. 

Non-FR sheeting poses a risk of ignition if exposed to sparks from welding. Similarly, fire hazards increase during renovation work involving soldering. These hazards are reduced by using FR-certified scaffold sheeting. 

Utilising FR-rated sheets is also vital for following the Joint Code of Practice (JCC). These rules mandate specific fire safety measures on most construction sites. Non-compliance, e.g., using non-FR rated, can lead to insurance issues or even site shutdowns. Download this latest guide for free to learn more about the revised and re-issued code. 

Note: It’s worth noting that many insurance policies incorporate JCC. It’s always best to obtain third-party certification per the code’s criteria in such cases. This brings us to the question... 

Which Testing Bodies Are Authorised to Certify? 

Only certification bodies accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are trusted. They are a government-appointed national accreditation body. Refer to their website for further information. 

Known organisations currently operate the certification scheme in the UK, including: 

Warringtonfire is known globally as a symbol of fire safety and offers the ‘Certifire’ system. Their certification services enhance reputation, ensuring quality, performance, and reliability.  

A fitting example of a Warringtonfire certified product is the FR-rated temporary protection solutions from SP Group. This includes a selection of FR Scaffold Sheeting, such as: 

The sheets are tested and approved to prevent fire spread upon meeting the standards. Even so, they will continue to undergo the following after certification: 

  • strict regular factory audits 
  • flame retardancy tests 

These further evaluations are supported by accreditation and full batch traceability. They ensure that the manufacturing processes consistently meet quality standards. 

Similarly, LPCB provides certification for fire and safety. This third-party approval confirms that products and services consistently meet certification standards. SP Group takes pride in offering LPCB-supported items, including our Floorgard FR Corry Board range. 

Note: Testing bodies conduct different tests and certifications for plain and printed sheeting. For one, printing with solvent inks can affect flame retardant properties. Hence, the importance of continuous testing and accreditation, despite initial certification. 

How Do You Recognise Certified Scaffold Sheeting? 

Identifying certified scaffold sheeting with authentic third-party approval is straightforward. Suppliers should provide a test certificate from LPCB or Warringtonfire to verify certification. Approved materials must show the LPCB or Certifire approval mark logo like these: 

Now, what if these markings are absent? This indicates that the scaffolding sheets lack accredited third-party approval despite manufacturer claims. Always verify that the sheeting is listed on the Warringtonfire or LPCB certificate. 

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