Rising Demand for Women in Tradeswomen in Painting and Decorating

New research reveals rising demand and opportunities ahead for tradeswomen. Learn more about the shifting landscape in this guide.
March 9, 2024 by
Rising Demand for Women in Tradeswomen in Painting and Decorating
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Men have traditionally heavily dominated the trade sector and construction industry. But there’s a noticeable shift underway moving forward. New research indicates an increasing demand for tradeswomen — keep reading for further insights. 

The Growth in Demand for Female Decorators 

In specialised professions within trades, there is a gender imbalance, with fewer women than men. Out of all the people in this line of work, only about 20 out of every 100 are ladies. This includes painting and decorating, to name a few — but things are beginning to change. 

The study conducted by My Local Toolbox shows that more and more people are interested in having women working in trades. To support this, they analysed online search trends and government data, as well as conducted their research. Here’s a summary of their findings: 

A look at the status of women in trades 

Presently, only a small number of women work in trades - only 4% of the overall. The jobs with the most women in them are painting and decorating. Yet, even in those careers, there aren’t many ladies compared to gentlemen. This shows there’s still a big difference when doing these jobs. 

Initiatives are crucial to make sure women have fair opportunities. The good news is that there are ongoing efforts to encourage and support gender diversity. 

The increasing demand focusing on female painters and decorators 

There’s a noticeable 125% increase in demand for female painters and decorators. As per the same study, this stems from the number of homeowners searching for ‘lady painter & decorator near me’ online. 

People's views are changing, and they want more diversity in the trade and construction industry. This surge in interest underscores a growing preference for female professionals. 

Findings from homeowners 

Out of the survey of 348 homeowners, 26% of respondents have hired tradeswomen. The trust level for tradeswomen is notably high, with 46% of homeowners considering them more reliable. A certain portion of homeowners (11%) would rather employ a tradeswoman. Nearly all (96%) of the survey participants expressed their willingness to hire a tradeswoman. 

Wrapping It Up 

Several factors greatly impact the experiences of women in the trade sector. One of which is the availability of lightweight building materials. An excellent example is the STIXX Multi-Surface Protector.  

With a smaller core per roll, it’s easier to handle. Plus, it’s simple to apply with minimal pressure and leaves no sticky residue, ensuring a cleaner finish. This enables tradeswomen to work more efficiently and hassle-free, making their renovation and building projects much easier. 

More people are realising the benefits of hiring a female painter and decorator. This has made it a popular choice, and it's also an easy decision to make. As this awareness continues to spread, we can anticipate a rise in opportunities for tradeswomen in the future.