Floor and Surface Protection During Painting and Decorating

There are options suited for hard flooring, tiles, carpets, and even furniture and other surfaces. The right protection can save you more time, effort, and money.
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Floor and Surface Protection During Painting and Decorating
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A fresh coat of paint can uplift a bare and worn-out room, but spills from it can have the opposite effect on the floors. That’s where temporary floor protection comes in. It provides coverage for surfaces and even furniture that may be too heavy or huge to move out.

There are options for hard flooring, tiles, and carpets to accommodate various needs. Check out our list below and see which one works best for you.

For Carpets

Carpet films offer a solution for carpeting that stretches across the entire floor. For instance, broadloom carpets — which are common in many homes and commercial spaces. Removing them during painting would be a hassle, unlike smaller area rugs that can be rolled up.

Instead, you can cover them with a protective film, such as this STIXX Carpet Protector. It provides a hassle-free way to protect your carpet from drips or spills from the roller brush. It’s self-adhesive, which means no taping is needed, and it grips well to fibre carpets. With easy application, your carpet remains as good as new and free from stubborn stains.

For Wood Flooring and Tiles

Hard surfaces like wooden floors and tiles will require sturdier and thicker protection. This isn’t just because of paint spills but also because painters are likely to step on them. Protective films may also not offer enough protection if tools are dropped onto the surface from above.

We recommend investing in Floorgard Corry Board, a product trusted by many builders for floor protection. Its corrugated twin-walled structure enables it to withstand impacts. When placed atop tiles, it creates a gap between the floor and the object above and minimises direct contact. Read our guide on Top FAQs on Floorgard Corry Boards Answered  to learn more.

Another worthwhile option is this thick Tuffcard roll, both suitable for wood and tile flooring. It works great against light debris and stains during painting or decorating. Our guide to 3 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Floors from Damagecan provide more helpful tips.

For Furniture and Other Surfaces

While furniture may not be part of the floor or surface itself, it’s still worth considering protective measures if the piece will remain in the room during painting. For instance, a large cabinet that can’t be entirely moved out. In such cases, we recommend moving it away from the walls and covering it with a dust sheet or a stretch film like this Pallet Wrap.

If you’re giving your kitchen a refresh, STIXX Multi-Surface Protector works well for surfaces like worktops from paint spills and other debris. It’s low tack, self-adhesive, and can be left for about 30 days for maximum protection.

What Benefits Will You Get from Temporary Floor Protection?

Save time and money

The need for time-consuming cleaning efforts is reduced. You can sidestep such hassle during and after the painting process.

Work Efficiency and productivity

With protective coverings in place, painters can work more efficiently. They can focus on the task at hand without interruptions or delays caused by paint spills or damage. This can result in faster completion and increased productivity.

Safer working environment

The right protection not only keeps floors safe from paint spills but also helps make the workspace safer for workers and other occupants. Wet paints can create slippery surfaces on hard floors, increasing the risk of slips and falls. Using solutions like corry boards can reduce the likelihood of accidents.

With all these measures, you can achieve exceptional results while minimising potential risks.

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