Top FAQs on Floorgard® Corry Board Answered

Floorgard Corry Board is sustainable, versatile, and impact-resistant. These qualities tick all the boxes for the ideal floor protection solutions in any setting.
March 18, 2024 by
Top FAQs on Floorgard® Corry Board Answered
SP Group Global Ltd

Floorgard Corry Board ranks among the top options for sustainable temporary floor protection. It’s a brand supplied locally by SP Group in Ireland, Europe, and the UK. It has been a trusted choice in the construction industry for more than 30 years. 

You’ll likely have queries in terms of the product’s performance if you’re investing in some soon. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of FAQs to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs. Take a look below: 

How Does Floorgard Corry Board Achieve Impact Protection? 

Floorgard Corry Board achieves impact protection through its corrugated twin-walled structure. This includes two layers of plastic separated by ribbed patterns. As a result, the gap between the floor and the object above reduces the impact on the floor. 

Worried about accidental drops of tools, materials, or equipment on floors and surfaces? Floorgard Corry Board can handle these common issues effortlessly. It’s perfect for construction and renovation projects and is a better choice than cardboard or hardwood alternatives. 

Is Floorgard Corry Board only for floors? 

No, Floorgard Corry Board can be used in various applications from floors to walls and other surfaces! It can cover even the trickiest corners such as stairs, countertops, or pillars among others. It also serves as a protective layer beneath heavy machinery or equipment, guarding surfaces from impact damage. 

As long as you need impact protection, this corrugated sheet can do the job for you on any surface. 

Is Floorgard Corry Board Flame Retardant? 

Yes, we have a fire-retardant variant of Floorgard Corry Board and it is certified with LPCB, which validates its adherence to fire safety and security standards. This certification certifies the product went through quality tests and checks to show it can resist fire effectively. 

Construction sites can be dangerous places for workers. This underscores the importance of prioritising safety and health protocols at all times. One of the most crucial aspects to pay attention to is ensuring a plan in case of a fire. Floorgard FR Corry Board Sheet exemplifies this commitment to safety. 

How Sustainable Is Floorgard Corry Board? 

Floorgard Corry Board sheets can be recycled as part of our Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme. You can have all used materials collected and taken to a suitable recycling place for every order through this program. This makes it easy for you to use plastic without the hassle of logistics or finding the right facility. 

As an eco-conscious supplier, we recognise the environmental impact of construction waste, and we’re happy to offer you this recycling scheme for your plastic floor protection needs. 

Where to Buy? 

Get your Floorgard Corry Board today from SP Group! We offer it in sheet and roll formats with different thicknesses and variant options. If you require enhanced fire protection, check out our FR-certified versions. For consultation and request for quotation, call +44 28 9442 8611 or email