3 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Floors from Damage

Keep wooden floors damage-free by using the right floor protection, setting up walking routes between work areas and entry points, and adding protective covers for tools and equipment.
April 29, 2024 by
3 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Floors from Damage
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Wooden floors are vulnerable to scratches, dents, and warping if they’re not protected right. This poses a risk to both new and old flooring. Here’s how to take care of them during construction or renovation.

1. Use Temporary Floor Protection

Protecting wooden floors with the right floor covering is the best way to prevent damage. There are different options to choose from depending on your surface requirements. Here are some choices you can consider:

Floorgard Corry Board

A brand under SP Group and among the top products for sustainable temporary floor protection in Ireland, Europe, and the UK. It can handle accidental drops of tools, materials, or equipment. This impact protection is achieved through its corrugated twin-walled structure. This includes two layers of plastic separated by ribbed patterns. As a result, the gap between the floor and the object above reduces the impact on the floor. Read our guide on ‘Top FAQs on Floorgard Corry Boards Answered’ for more information.

Hard-wearing card roll

Tuffcard could be just what you need to protect against light debris and stains during painting, installing fixtures, or repairs. It’s a thicker floor card compared to regular builder’s paper and is an ideal use for home improvement projects.

Breathable floor protection

This is your best option for newly varnished wood floors. The breathable fleece material lets moisture out while protecting the curing floor from dust. Take our FR Breathable Fleece, for instance. It’s a better alternative to using plastic or non-breathable covers that might end up sticking to the floor and hindering complete drying. Its fire-retardant feature offers added protection against flame hazards.

2. Set up walking paths + tacky mats at entry points

Workers are likely to come and go on foot, and their boots can kick up a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. All this grime would waltz right in, leaving your wooden floors looking like a construction site. Setting up walking routes between work areas and entry points is a smart choice. Pair it with tacky mats and place them at entryways to trap dirt from footwear. Such a combination can prevent debris from being tracked indoors, thereby reducing the risk of scratches on the wooden surfaces.

Tacky mats feature an antimicrobial adhesive surface and are straightforward to install. Place these mats on tacky mat frames to ensure the mats stay in place despite the high foot traffic.

Tip: Another way to protect wooden floors is by encouraging workers to wear rubber-soled shoes, which don’t leave marks. Also, make sure to remind everyone where they should walk and make sure they follow those paths.

3. Modify your tools and equipment

One of the culprits behind a damaged wooden floor is tools and equipment. The solution is simple: attach soft rubber, plastic pads, or protective covers to minimise impact and prevent sharp edges from causing flaws.

For instance, a worker is using a power drill to install shelves or cabinets in a room with wooden floors. In the worst-case scenario, the metal edges of the drill’s base scrape against the floor surface. Similarly, moving a sofa set using a dolly during the finishing touches after a renovation. The furniture’s weight, combined with the friction of the movement, can result in indentations or scratches.

Wrap the drill’s metal edges with a protective cover made of soft rubber or foam to prevent such damage. Meanwhile, attach adhesive-backed plastic pads to the bottom of sofa legs or bases. This will provide a barrier between the furniture and the wooden floor. Small actions like these can help keep wooden floors just as you found them!

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