Effective Floor Protection During Construction

Your floors need the right protection during construction such as carpet protective film, corry board, breathable fleece, card covering, or tacky mats.
March 21, 2024 by
Effective Floor Protection During Construction
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Floors endure heavy foot traffic, use of power tools, dust, and dirt during construction. Adding protection not only shields it from damage but also minimises extra work. Here are some effective products that are reliable in floor protection, from preventing scratches and spills to handling heavy-duty impacts: 

Carpet Protective Film 

Is your current wall paint peeling off or in need of a refresh? While a fresh coat of paint can work wonders, what about your floors? And let’s not even get started on the carpets – you wouldn’t want them stained by oil or paint, would you? That’s where STIXX Carpet Protective Film comes in! 

This self-adhesive low-tack film is designed to protect fibre carpets during such projects. Simply apply it with firm pressure and it leaves no residue upon removal. Install it at the outset of your painting tasks, leaving it in place until completion. 

Corry Board 

When a more robust solution is needed, builders and DIY enthusiasts turn to corry boards. It offers protection beyond what carpet film offers and is ideal for heavy-duty temporary coverage. The added layer of cushioned protection saves your floor from dropped hand tools and other debris. Perfect for projects with heavy equipment moving around or projects with impact-sensitive materials.  

For this purpose, consider investing in Floorgard Corry Board. It is 100% recyclable and FR variants are LPCB certified. This certification confirms that the product meets the fire and safety standards. 

Breathable Fleece 

Breathable fleece is an excellent option for the curing and drying process. For instance, when varnishing wooden floors, it allows moisture to escape while protecting it against dust. It’s a better choice than plastic or non-breathable covers, which may stick to the flooring and hinder complete drying. Consider FR Breathable Fleece for added safety against flame hazards. 

*Actual texture may vary from photo. Visit our shop for availability.

Card Covering 

Another floor protection solution worth considering is a floor card. Thicker than regular builder’s paper, it provides a temporary shield against: 

  • water spills 
  • paint splatters 
  • high foot traffic 

The best part? It’s inexpensive compared to other alternatives. Tuffcard is a reliable choice for this. You can roll dollies, lay down carpets, or move heavy loads without scratching the floor. Stay confident knowing your flooring remains just as it was. 

Tip: Secure the card roll in place by applying either double-sided, low tack or reinforced tape to prevent it from sliding on the surface. 

Tacky Mats 

Stop dirt at the door by preventing it from being tracked into the house or construction area. Do so by placing tacky mats at entry points. They trap dirt from footwear and wheels (e.g., a wheelbarrow), keeping floors clean and undamaged. 

These anti-microbial adhesive surface mats are straightforward to use and easy to peel. Stick the edge with the adhesive to the floor, ensuring no air bubbles. Press the rest of the mat slowly onto the floor. 

Tip: Consider placing the mats on a tacky mat frame for a designated area. This protects floors from adhesive backing on the mats, ensuring they stay in place. 

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