Protective Films

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STIXX® Protective Films

Self-adhesive films designed to shield even the most delicate surfaces from spills, splatters, scratches, and dirt in every construction work.

Its unique design self-adhesion technology allows easy application and leaves no sticky residue when removed!

Every builder and DIY-er should have a STIXX roll on the go!

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There's a roll for every surface.

STIXX® Protective Films come in 3 variants suitable for the most common surfaces that need protection in a construction project.

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STIXX ® Carpet Protector

Designed to protect carpets without pulling or damaging carpet threads when removed.

STIXX ® Window Protector

Designed for glass surfaces that are prone to scratches, fingerprints, and splatters.

STIXX ® Multi-Surface Protector

Designed to adhere to most surfaces from tabletops to furniture, metal, and plastic items.