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Our display sets are designed for Builders Merchants like you to help boost sales appeal with attractive design, branding, and quality products on the go. 
Placed at the point of sale, where it’s convenient and catches the attention of every customer, these products are more likely to be bought on the spot—a win-win situation for you and your customers.  

Complimentary box, no extra charge.

Yes, it’s FREE! Pay only for the minimum product per set, and it’s yours. Each STIXX Display Box comes with 30 rolls of 25m or 20 rolls of 50m, 
while the Floorgard Corry Board Display Box comes with 20 packs of 10 sheets (1200mm x 600mm). 

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STIXX® Protective Films

Designed with the convenience of users in mind, STIXX Protective Films is available for carpets, windows, and multi-surface use. Builders and DIYers can quickly choose the right surface protection without searching the entire store.  

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Floorgard® Corry Board

Corrugated boards are one of the most popular floor protections in construction and we made it even more convenient for your customers. Floorgard Corry Board now comes in a handy pack of 10 sheets and a smaller size that’s compact and perfect for small projects. 

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Profitable Rates

We offer fair prices for your business with a good margin
 of up to 60%! 

Quality Staple Products

We offer products that are a staple in almost every construction project, which means the products you stock from us will never collect dust at the back of your store. 

Marketing Support

We are here to help you further. From eye-catching displays to seasonal campaigns, we’ve got the tools to make your products stand out and boost sales. 

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