Top Questions to Consider When Buying Temporary Floor Protection

How long will you need floor protection? What type of surfaces are you protecting? What type of traffic will your flooring endure?
April 15, 2024 by
Top Questions to Consider When Buying Temporary Floor Protection
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Floor protection is essential for any construction or renovation work. You need the right product that can handle the task and get the job done effectively. But how can you be certain you’re getting the most suitable option?

There are three questions below to ask yourself to ensure you choose the best solution. If you’re interested, then keep on reading!

Question 1: How long will I need floor protection?

You may need floor protection for as long as your construction or renovation project is ongoing. The duration may also vary depending on the type and scale of the work you’re undertaking.

For instance, you anticipate needing floor protection for an extended period, e.g., more than three months. You’ll need something durable to withstand foot traffic and potential tool drops. In such cases, corrugated board sheets are your best ally.

Floorgard Corry Board ranks among the top choices for floor protection. Its corrugated structure acts as a buffer between the floor and objects above, suspending the impact. It’s tough, durable, impact-resistant, and can be reused multiple times.

If you’ve recently installed new flooring in a commercial space, you may require protection for several days or weeks during the curing or drying process. A breathable fleece then makes the ideal choice. 

Floorgard’s FR Breathable Fleece comes with three protective features: 1.) an anti-slip feature to lower the risk of slipping, 2.) a vapour membrane that allows moisture to escape from the curing floor while keeping liquids from seeping through the top, and 3.) fire-retardant additives, which helps mitigate the spread of fire in case of sparks.

Question 2: What type of surfaces am I protecting?

What type of flooring material do you have? It can be quite simple to determine just by looking or touching the floors. Alternatively, you can classify them as either “soft” or “hard”.

“Soft flooring” includes materials like carpet or vinyl, which are softer underfoot and offer more cushioning. Consider STIXX Carpet Protective Film if you have fibre carpets to protect. 

In contrast, “hard flooring” comprises hardwood, laminate, tile, and concrete, which are firmer and more durable. You’ll want something with higher impact resistance, like Floorgard Corry Board PLUS, an upgraded and sturdier version of our standard corry board. 

Note: Both are susceptible to potential damage during construction or renovation work, but soft surfaces are more prone to damage.

Question 3: What type of traffic will the floor endure?

The choice of floor protection also hinges on the level of traffic your flooring will encounter. It could be heavy carts and lifts or even light foot traffic, which all can influence the type of material you need.

If your floors will only endure light foot traffic, it’s best to go for floor protection based on your surface type (see question #2). While most options can withstand foot traffic, areas subject to heavy machinery use require increased protection. For instance, rubber mats might work better for its cushioning effect and anti-slip properties.

If your living room is undergoing construction, workers will likely be moving in and out of your house. Floorgard Corry Board is a good choice for hard flooring but go for the protection suited to your floor type (see question #2) to deal with foot traffic. For instance, rubber mats might work better if heavy machinery is in use due to their cushioning effect.

You can add tacky mats at entry points if you’re concerned about keeping your floors clean from those entering and exiting the building. These mats trap and remove contaminants from footwear or cartwheels. Placing them at entry points ensures that anyone who goes in leaves dirt on their boots through the adhesive surface.

And there you have it; these top questions should help you find the perfect solution.

Here at SP Group, we offer a wide variety of temporary protection beyond just floors. If you need assistance in choosing the ideal product for your project, you can speak with our team of experts today at hello@s-pgroup.comor call +44 28 9442 8611.