Reliable Temporary Floor Protection for Any Surface & Situation

Protecting floors from impact matter beyond construction and renovations to outdoor events. The right product can save you time, money, and stress.
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Reliable Temporary Floor Protection for Any Surface & Situation
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Protecting floors from damage during construction, renovations, and events is a common challenge. Fortunately, a wide range of temporary floor protection materials are available in the market. We’ll explore the options available tailored to various surfaces below:

Corry Board for Dropped Tools and Materials

Floorgard Corry Board does the perfect job of protecting floors from dropped objects. This is achieved through its unique twin-walled corrugated plastic structure with two layers of plastic separated by ribbed patterns. This gap between the layers absorbs the impact and reduces the force transferred to the floor underneath. This design proves effective when tools like hammers are accidentally dropped.

Corry board sheets can be laid out with reinforced tape to form a temporary protective layer over floors.

Carpet Films for Paint and Spills

STIXX Carpet Protective Film is the answer to covering carpeting from spills of paint, solvents, and dirt. This self-adhesive low-tack film protects fibre carpets while preserving their pristine condition, saving you time and effort and cleaning the carpet after a renovation or a quick DIY project. Simply apply it with firm pressure, and it leaves no residue upon removal.

Rubber Mats for Heavy Foot Traffic and Equipment

Rubber mats are perfect for heavy foot traffic in facilities like warehouses. The ribbed rubber surface offers extra grip that minimises slipping hazards. These mats also serve as ground protection to absorb the impact of workers wearing heavy boots or carrying large machinery. They can be laid loose or adhered to the floor or uneven surfaces, including soil or concrete.

FR Woven Floor Protection for Hardwood Floors

You’ll want something lightweight, waterproof, and tear-resistant to keep your hardwood floors and other surfaces you want safe from spills and scratches. Our FR woven floor protection is just what you need, regardless of the work being done.

It’s made of interwoven polypropylene mesh sheet with fire-retardant properties for extra protection in case of sparks and other fire hazard activities.

Tacky Mats for Dirt

Tacky mats provide the most effective and convenient method for dirt removal. They trap and remove contaminants from footwear or cartwheels. These mats sit at entry points, forcing those entering the room to move across the adhesive. They can be valuable for construction sites, home renovations, or outdoor events.

Stick the edge with the adhesive to the floor, making sure there are no air bubbles. Press the rest of the mat slowly onto the floor. Consider placing the mats on a tacky mat frameto keep them in place.

Breathable Fleece for Newly Installed Floors

Our FR Breathable Fleece does an amazing job of protecting newly laid floors. It’s made with three layers, and let’s begin with the bottom one — the anti-slip layer. It stops slipping and absorbs shocks.

The middle layer is the vapour membrane which allows moisture to escape from the curing floor while keeping liquids from seeping through the top. Finally, there’s an extra strengthening layer on top that helps prevent the spread of fire.

Tuffcard for Low-Cost Alternative

Tuffcard is a thicker floor card than regular builder’s paper and offers affordable temporary floor protection. It can provide coverage for your DIY home improvement project and protect your floors from scratches and light debris while painting, installing new fixtures, or making repairs.

Tip: Secure Tuffcard with low tackor reinforced tape to prevent it from sliding on the surface.

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