Your Helpful Guide to Floorgard Corry Board Thickness

The varying thicknesses of Floorgard Corry Board include 2mm to 3mm for light-duty protection, 4mm to 6mm for medium-duty use, and 10mm for maximum protection.
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Your Helpful Guide to Floorgard Corry Board Thickness
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Floorgard Corry Board is one of our best-selling temporary floor protection products. It’s trusted by builders and DIYers alike for its corrugated twin-walled structure — a robust, impact-resistant feature.

Available in a range of sizes and thickness tailored to specific requirements. The thicker the sheet, the larger the gap it can create between the floor and the object above. Read on to find out which thickness level meets your project needs best.

Understanding Floorgard Corry Board Thickness Levels

The varying thicknesses of Floorgard Corry Board provide different levels of protection. Thinner sheets are great for light-duty applications, such as protecting hardwood floors from light debris and paint spills. Moving up to medium-thickness levels, you gain an enhanced buffer, suitable for moderate traffic areas and heavier objects. The thickest options offer maximum cover, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic, sharp impacts, and prolonged use. 

Floorgard Corry Board caters to diverse needs and delivers optimal protection without compromising on performance or convenience.

What Are Your Options?

1. 2mm to 3mm thickness

The starting thickness grades of Floorgard Corry Board range from 2mm to 3mm. These levels are effective for protecting floors and surfaces from dirt, dust, splashes, and minor damage caused by small tools and equipment. Despite being the thinnest options available, they are impact-resistant, making them easy to handle while still providing reliable protection.

Recommended for the following construction and renovation works:

  • Areas with light foot traffic
  • Painting projects against paint spills and splashes
  • Drywall installation from dust and minor impacts
  • Lining floors in areas where small tools and equipment are kept
  • Surface covering (such as countertops) from light scratches and impacts

2. 4mm to 6mm thickness

The 4mm to 6mm Floorgard Corry Board thicknesses are suitable for medium-duty applications. They’re perfect for entryways with frequent foot traffic or areas where heavier tools and equipment are regularly moved. The ribbed patterns of the twin-walled structure in these grades are more solid than those in the 2mm to 3mm range, providing a sturdier cushioning effect.

Recommended for the following construction and renovation works:

  • Construction entrances with frequent foot traffic from workers and equipment
  • Workshop floors where heavy tools are regularly moved and used
  • Protecting floors in spaces where machinery may cause impact damage
  • In renovation zones where frequent movement of materials and tools occurs
  • Lining floors in storage areas where heavy items are stored or moved often

3. 10mm thickness

This is the thickest version available for Floorgard Corry Board, designed for heavy-duty applications. The 10mm grade offers maximum protection for areas subjected to intense foot traffic and heavy equipment.

Its increased thickness triples the buffering effect, minimising the impact of any dropped items or sharp tools like hammers. While all the grades can be used long term, the longevity of the 10mm thickness can be extended with proper care.

Recommended for the following construction and renovation works:

How to Choose the Suitable Thickness Level for Floorgard Corry Board?

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which thickness to choose:

  • Type of work

What type of work is being done in the area? For light tasks like painting a living room, a 2mm to 3mm thickness will protect your flooring from spills. For more demanding coverage, thicker grades are your best option.

  • Traffic volume

All grades can handle traffic, but higher-traffic areas benefit from thicker boards. So, if the area will experience high foot traffic, consider a 4mm to 10mm thickness level.

  • Duration of use

How long will you need the protection? While all thickness levels are designed for long-term use, thicker grades offer added durability for extended projects. For short-term use, standard thicknesses will suffice.

  • Type of surface

What type of surface do you need to protect? All thickness levels work well for both delicate and hard flooring, but the level of protection will depend on the amount of cushioning needed. For simple renovation tasks like ceiling repairs, a 2mm to 3mm thickness can provide good coverage from debris. For demolition work or major renovations, choose thicker options for better protection.

If you’re considering investing in this product and want to know more, read our ‘Top FAQs on Floorgard Corry Boards Answered’ for information. For inquiries or quotes, our 5-star rated customer service is available to assist you. Contact SP Group at +44 28 9442 8611 or email