The Role of Indoor Scaffolding in Various Applications

Indoor scaffolding offers a stable platform where traditional ladders would be unsafe. It’s designed for various activities like maintenance and interior decorating.
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The Role of Indoor Scaffolding in Various Applications
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Scaffolding is versatile and adaptable to different construction scenarios. While commonly set up outdoors, these temporary structures are also useful for indoor projects. Read on to learn about indoor scaffolding, including safety guidance from HSE and where it might be necessary.

What is Indoor Scaffolding?

Indoor scaffolding is a temporary framework that offers a stable platform for workers performing tasks at height within a building. It’s designed for various activities like painting, repairs, and interior decorating. The only difference from outdoor scaffolding is that it’s tailored for indoor use.

The safety rule remains the same, though. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the scaffold should be placed on stable, even ground with base plates or locked castors for support. Stabilisers should also be added as needed per the instruction manual, and the structure must not exceed the height recommended by the manufacturer.

When Can Indoor Scaffolding Be Used?

Sometimes, using a ladder isn’t enough to reach heights, and this is where indoor scaffolding comes valuable. It can be utilised in various applications, including:

1. Home renovations

Indoor scaffolding provides stable platforms for workers to operate at elevated positions. It can accommodate irregular surfaces like stairs, where traditional ladders would be unsafe or impractical. With the expertise of skilled workers, hard-to-reach areas become more accessible, and safety is guaranteed.

For instance, a two-storey house renovation. The homeowners want the walls and ceilings of their stairwell with a vaulted ceiling to be repainted. Reaching such areas with a ladder may not suffice due to the height and angle of the stairs. By setting up scaffolding on the stairs, workers can have access and complete the job with convenience.

2. Commercial building maintenance

During routine maintenance of a commercial building, the facility management team schedules the checkup. Part of this is checking and cleaning elevator shaft lighting to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Over time, dust and debris have accumulated on these fixtures and can become a concern. 

Workers can set up the scaffold platform at different levels of the shaft to reach each lighting fixture. Using cleaning tools and safety gear, they ensure the fixtures are checked and cleaned for proper illumination.

Note: Indoor scaffolding can be used for installing new elevators, especially parts like support beams and guide rails. This temporary setup also enables supervisors to conduct quality inspections during construction.

3. Film or theatre production

Behind the scenes of film and theatre productions, many of the sets are constructed from indoor scaffolding. It provides support for lighting fixtures, sound equipment, and camera setups, including backdrops. If the stage play is set in a medieval time, indoor scaffolding can be utilised to create the towering castle, while lighting and sound equipment are placed on the platform to achieve that dramatic effect of the scenes.

Other projects indoor scaffolding can be used for:

  • Painting walls and ceilings
  • Plastering surfaces to achieve a smooth finish
  • Installing drywall for interior partitions
  • Conducting HVAC maintenance and repairs for optimal performance

Is Scaffold Protection Needed?

Scaffold protection, such as scaffold sheeting, may be essential in settings where additional protection is needed. For instance, for construction or renovation projects in sensitive environments, such as hospitals or food production facilities. In these settings, polythene sheeting may be employed to contain dust, debris, or other contaminants to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.

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