Promoting Sustainability in Construction with 100% Recyclable Products

The construction sector is a major carbon emitter. Sustainable products offer solutions to reduce these footprints — small steps making a big impact.
March 29, 2024 by
Promoting Sustainability in Construction with 100% Recyclable Products
SP Group Global Ltd

SP Group acknowledges the construction industry as one of the biggest CO2 emission contributors. The company has been continuously seeking sustainable solutions to help. Here, we’ve listed options for environmental-conscious companies for you to consider.

1. Scaffold sheeting

Our scaffold sheetingis 100% recyclable at its end of life, making it sustainable. It’s made of one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle — polyethylene. It’s accepted at most recycling centres, including our Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme. You can properly dispose of the sheets after use through this program. This is a small step toward reducing your environmental impact.

2. Debris netting

Our debris nettingfeatures a lightweight, UV-stabilised polyethylene mesh. It allows air to pass through while containing debris through its holes. This helps keep pedestrians safe from falling objects, including workers themselves from falling.

Fire-retardant options further improve safety by preventing debris entry and reducing fire hazards. Try the PLUS FR Debris Nettingfor this purpose.

3. Scafwrap shrink wrap

An alternative to scaffold sheeting that provides a drum-tight seal when heated. Ideal for use in extreme weather conditions as it won’t flap or tear.

Its ease of on-site cutting and application enhances convenience. It can be cut and released from complete containment when access is needed. Consider installing the Scarfwrap Zip Doorfor convenient entry points.

4. Corry board

Floorgard Corry Boardranks among the top options for sustainable temporary floor protection. This product can be recycled as part of our Blue Cycle program. Opt to have them collected and taken to a nearby recycling centre after use. This makes it easy for you to use plastic while reducing your carbon footprint.

Use corry board in various applications from floors to walls. Its corrugated structure acts as the gap between the floor and the object above, thus suspending the impact on the floor.

Why Should We Promote Sustainability More in Construction?

Our climate has changed a lot in the past decade to extreme levels. Environmental activists have been increasing awareness since then to urge sustainable practices. Businesses and brands that ignore this are more likely to have lower sales than those that do.

Despite some progress, it’s still not enough to fix the environmental damage. Many big companies still make money by harming the planet. Two years ago, NASA climate scientists risked arrest to demand climate action. Ignoring urgent climate warnings could lead to a catastrophic future. But this fear shouldn’t halt our environmental efforts.

There are little steps we can take, like promoting sustainability more in construction. SP Group continues to have its other products verified for recycling. This expands sustainable options for customers moving forward.

If you believe your ordered material could be recycled, reach out to our team today. You can contact us at +44 (0)28 9442 8611 or email hello@s-pgroup.comfor assistance.