Monarflex and Monoflex Alternative

Monarflex and Monoflex have been the big names of the scaffolding industry for years. It’s safe to say their reputations have become the “Sellotape” of scaffold sheeting.
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Monarflex and Monoflex Alternative
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Monarflex is a well-known brand within the scaffold supply industry. It offers a wide range of high-quality products to suit various needs. Meanwhile, monoflex is recognised as a scaffold sheeting option often sourced from China.

With known branding comes a higher price to pay. That’s why scaffolders and contractors are always on the lookout for other brands that can offer: 1.) the same quality or 2.) better at a more reasonable price.  

Let’s explore trusted products beyond the big names of scaffold sheeting with SAFEGARD™.

SAFEGARD™ for Scaffold Protection

SAFEGARD™ is a brand under SP Groupthat offers a wide range of scaffold protection products. Our scaffold sheeting is a popular choice for its better quality and affordability compared to Monarflex and Monoflex. Not only does this product meet industry standards, but it also exceeds customer satisfaction. This makes it a better choice for contractors and scaffolders looking for value without compromising quality.

Most of the high-quality scaffold protection materials under SAFEGARD™ are fully certified to the Warringtonfire CertifireTS62 Standard. This certification ensures our scaffold sheeting meets specific safety and quality standards. Our range includes various options, from standard grades to fire-retardant (FR) versions.

Safegard’s FR Scaffold Sheeting has been one of its best-sellers for more than 30 years. Its Warrington certification verifies that the sheets have undergone thorough testing and meet the necessary criteria for fire resistance. Using it guarantees reliability in preventing and controlling fires effectively.

Scaffolders may choose from the following range to suit their project needs:

Here’s a quick comparison of each variant:  

If you prefer a standard or non-FR grade, SAFEGARD offers them, too.

Note: Non-FR grade scaffold sheeting may suffice for short-term use. Opting for FR variants is advisable for long-term projects and added protection against fire hazards.

Another reliable Safegard product is the Scafwrap FR Shrink Wrap— used as an alternative to traditional scaffold sheeting. It’s a drum-tight and tear-resistant weather protective barrier for extreme conditions. While shrink wrap may not suit every project, more and more scaffolders and contractors are opting for it due to its durability and reliable protection.

Tip: Use a heat gun set, like this Shrink Gun with Regulator and Hose, to wrap the material around the scaffolding. Once heated, the film will shrink into place.

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