Construction in Spring: New Season, Projects, and Materials

Spring season is here, start building safely and productively in better weather today.
March 7, 2024 by
Construction in Spring: New Season, Projects, and Materials
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As spring arrives, the weather gets better and this makes people get excited to work on fixing up their homes or starting new building projects. Now’s a great time to talk about the spring season trends for construction. 

Spring Construction Must-Haves 

Spring construction projects kick into high gear after the colder months. With warmer weather and longer daylight hours, it becomes easier and more comfortable to work outdoors. This season marks a surge in building activity as builders, contractors, and homeowners take advantage of the favourable conditions to start, resume tasks, or fix any damage incurred during winter. 

However, the springtime weather can be all over the place, with surprise rain and changing temperatures. Thus, using the right materials is important. There are certain items that can greatly help enthusiasts, including you, to carry on. These may include the following: 

1. Weatherproofing materials and protective films 

Sudden rain showers can be expected, and this can be tough for any construction project. In this case, using special materials that grant water damage protection is key. This is where sealant, caulks, and weatherproofing solutions come in. 

Apply sealants and caulks to the joints, seams, and gaps to create a watertight barrier. This prevents water from seeping into the interior and causing damage to walls, floors, and other components. Pair them with weatherproofing solutions for added protection against moisture. 

Additionally, consider using protective films like STIXX window protector. This film roll serves as a basic protection, keeping surfaces safe from splashes, stains, and scratches. For instance, when putting caulk on windows to avoid air leaks and moisture problems, the film can protect the glass from splashes. This ensures the window glass maintains its original appearance without any damage until the work is completed. 

2. Paint, primers, and floor protection 

As the weather warms up, you may want to take on painting projects inside and outside your home to give it a fresh look. However, paint alone won’t suffice – you need to make sure it sticks better, the colour looks even more even, and is safe from UV rays. Using a primer prior to painting works wonders. This combination can help freshen up surfaces after enduring the harshness of winter. 

When painting the interior, it’s always a good idea to protect floors from paint spills. Using floor protection like Tuffcard alongside frame tape offers an ideal solution. Simply roll out the Tuffcard and tape it down to shield floors. Use the frame tape to protect window edges and door frames during painting work. This ensures your floors and surfaces remain the same and damage-free. 

3. Anti-slip protection for muddy areas 

Mud is common due to melting snow and rain, especially after winter. You may expect muddy pathways and entryways or where snow has melted, and rain has pooled. Such situations can also occur in areas with poor drainage or where soil has been disturbed. 

To prevent falls on slippery terrain, think about using anti-slip walkway covers. These covers provide an excellent grip so that you can focus on your tasks with confidence. They’re also ideal for muddy ramps that need extra foot grip, enhancing stability. Overall, proceed with your outdoor projects worry-free, knowing mud won’t hinder your progress.

While the list may not include all the items you need, you can explore our website to find more options. From floor and multi-surface protection to scaffolding solutions and personal protective equipment, we offer wide coverage for your project needs.

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