4 Ways Temporary Floor Protections Cut Costs of Damage

Temporary floor protection materials help avoid costly repairs, delays, and insurance expenses, and keep the project on track.
April 24, 2024 by
4 Ways Temporary Floor Protections Cut Costs of Damage
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Starting a construction or renovation project requires a sum of money. You’re spending funds to build something new, and the least desirable scenario would be having to shell out due to floor damage requiring repairs.

Setting aside a budget for temporary floor protection like Floorgard Corry Board works wonders. This article provides common scenarios and explains how investing in this solution pays off in multiple ways.

1. Protected floors = no further expenses

The main purpose of floor protection solutions is to protect surfaces from damage. This can occur when a worker accidentally drops a tool from a ladder while installing ceiling lights. Or when a welder manoeuvres heavy equipment across the floor, causing scratches due to its metal edges

Utilising protection products like Floorgard Corry Board can effectively prevent such incidents. This saves you time and money on repairs or replacements — and ensures client satisfaction, especially in contract projects!

The Corry Board acts as a shield with impact defense, thanks to its twin-walled corrugated structure. This design reduces the load on the actual floor beneath, even under heavy foot traffic. You can rest easy, knowing the floors will remain intact throughout the project.

2. Stay on schedule and within budget

Repairs take time, and time equals money in the construction industry. The longer the project takes, the more it costs in terms of labour, equipment, and possibly client dissatisfaction. 

Fortunately, Floorgard Corry Board’s polypropylene material is durable enough to be used several times floor after floor. This is a huge benefit, especially if you’re trying to stay within budget. There’s no need to repurchase the material for each use, and no further expenses for repairs or replacements.

3. Extended lifespan on equipment

Construction equipment is a significant investment. Damaging machinery leads to expensive repairs or replacement. One instance is during materials being transported within the site using a forklift. If the operator is unaware of uneven floor surfaces, the forklift may lose its balance and collide with nearby walls. This damage often translates to repairs or even replacements of the hydraulic system.

Make sure there’s no floor damage that could hinder the equipment from performing its job effectively in the long term. With the floor protected, the forklift and its operator can navigate smoothly on a normal workday.

4. Safer sites, lower insurance costs

Accidents on construction sites can result in higher insurance premiums and potential liability claims. Damaged and uneven floor surfaces can cause workers to trip and fall, which could lead to injuries and consequences for employers. These accidents incur additional costs for medical expenses and legal fees if in severe cases.

Ensure the site’s safety for everyone and keep insurance costs in check by covering and protecting the floors. Floorgard Corry Board is suitable for larger indoor areas. Rubber mats provide stability and traction, especially on unstable or uneven ground outdoors.

Temporary floor protection materials are a worthwhile investment for your construction project and financial success. They help avoid costly repairs, delays, and insurance expenses, and keep the project on track!

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