Tracing Plus Linemark Paint - Maingard

Tracing Plus Linemark Paint - Maingard

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Aerosol line marker spray paint effective inside and out on concrete and tarmac. Designed for use with our handheld applicator for spraying stencils or our wheeled applicator for line marking. 

Maingard Tracing Linemark Paint is a simple use aerosol spray paint designed to mark lines and stencils in a range of environments. This line marker spray paint can be used in areas such as car parks, tennis courts and manufacturing facilities. 

750ml line marker spray paint aerosols. One can cover 60-100m of lines @ 50mm width.

  • Speedy and efficient, this line marker spray paint provides a convenient system for line marking and stencil painting. 

  • Maingard Tracing Linemark Paint is very cost effective and is usable on a wide range of surfaces and environments making it a very versatile solution.

Size: 750ml

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