Epoxy Floorcoat - Maingard

Epoxy Floorcoat - Maingard

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Two part water based concrete floor paint designed to paint concrete floors in workshops and warehouses. Highly durable water based epoxy floor paint, capable of painting over new concrete slabs quickly and effectively.

Maingard Epoxy Floorcoat is a water dispersed two part. This concrete floor paint is capable of being applied successfully to new concrete floors that are exposed to heavy duty traffic.

One 5kg unit of concrete floor paint contains 1 x Resin and 1 x Activator. Coverage is approximately 20m2 in two coats on a smooth surface such as good condition concrete, but can also be applied in one coat over 30m2 unless using the anti slip type which does require both coats.

Other Maingard products from SP Group include our range of maintenance products and wall cladding.

SP Group. Specialists in temporary products and manufacturers of temporary protection.

Size: 5.5kg

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