Crete Floorscreed - Maingard

Crete Floorscreed - Maingard

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Maingard Crete Floorscreed is a polyurethane resin screed designed to provide an extremely robust, hygienic flooring solution for food and drink, pharmaceutical and other sensitive production facilities. Supplied in pre-weighed three part units ready for mixing and application.

Maingard Crete Floorscreed is a water dispersed polyurethane resin system combined with graded silica aggregates. This heavy duty polyurethane resin screed is used almost exclusively in the food and drink industry to repair existing failed resin floors.

One 30kg unit of polyurethane resin screed comprising of 1 x Resin 1 x Activator and 1 x Aggregate. Each unit of can cover 2.4m2 of floor at 6mm thickness.

  • Engineers and facility managers can repair existing production hall resin flooring in house, saving time and helping to pass audits. 

  • This product is classified as non taint and non toxic. 

  • Maingard Ultra Floorscreed has excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression.

SP Group. Specialists in temporary products and manufacturers of temporary protection.

Size: 30kg

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