Anti-Slip Steptread - Maingard

Anti-Slip Steptread - Maingard

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Anti-Slip Steptread

DDA Compliant non slip stair tread manufactured using GRP to provide safe, durable stair treads.

Our non slip stair tread is manufactured using non slip fibreglass, moulded to the shape of a stair tread to provide an anti slip DDA Compliant stair edge. This non slip stair tread also highlights step edges and improves the appearance of worn steps.

*A wide range of custom dimensions and colours are available upon request. Please contact us before you make a purchase.

This non slip tread is available in Black/Yellow and Black/White, Our standard lengths and widths are listed above but we have many other dimensions available. Custom colours and lengths are available upon request- please contact us.

  • Gives excellent anti-slip properties in any application

  • Improves the appearance of old steps

  • Contrasting edge colour for vision and DDA- white or yellow

  • Compliant with Building Regulations

  • Easily applied by gluing and/or screwing

  •  Ideal for wet oily and icy surfaces where corrosion and weather resistance may be important

  • Standard sizes readily available from stock

  •  Custom sizes available on request. 

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