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SP Group are market leaders in temporary protection building sites and have served the construction and building sector for over 40 years. They supply a wide range of approved Privacy Window Film & Window Tint Film materials for the Window and Glass professional accross the UK and Ireland. They have created a bespoke product window protection range called Topgard which meets industry standards at a low price.

We specialise in the distribution of Privacy Window Film & Window Tint Film materials for use on: Construction sites, refurbishments, renovations, relocations, commercial building projects and protection for home improvements.

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Grey Internal Tint Film

Topgard Internal Tint Films are non-reflective and are available in a wide range of tints - greys, bronzes and colours to give the appearance of tinted glass.  They are used mainly for aesthetic reasons and to help control glare and UV radiation. 

These films are of particular use where there is a need to control light levels for atmospheric effect and for UV control in areas for certain light sensitive manufacturing processes.

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Clear Internal Safety Film

What do safety films do to improve the safety of a building?

  • Certified safety films upgrade glass in situ to reinforce the glass to health & safety standards

  • Standard safety films will keep dangerous shards in place in the event of breakage.

  • Will keep shattered glass intact and protect building occupants and interiors in the event of an industrial explosion or terrorist attack.

  • Safety film is an insurance policy for your glass.

  • Clear films are invisible on glass.

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External Reflective Film

Topgard External Reflective Film offers manimum heat rejection blocking and rejecting the incident solar energy before it penetrates the building's fabric.

These films also offer glare reduction for staff comfort, whilst still making use of daylight as a source of illumination.

The Topgard range from SP Group, your temporary protection specialists for window film, anti-fade film, safety film,anti-glare film, anti-shatter film, privacy film, tint film as well as external reflective film.

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