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Why buy Floor Protection from us?

SP Group have served the construction and building sector for over 40 years. We supply a range of floor protection film, floor protection sheets, floor protection mats, floor protection rolls, plastic floor protectors and floor protector rolls.

We specialise in the distribution of temporary protection materials for use on: Construction sites, refurbishments, renovations, relocations, commercial building projects and protection for home improvements throughout UK and Ireland.

Types of Floor Protection

* Tacky Mats & Corriboard rolls

* Anti-Slip Roll & Buffalo board

* Waterproof Woven Roll & Protective fleece

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Featured Floor Protection Products

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Floor protector

All purpose fluted flame retardant polypropylene floor protection, made from Corryboard, also known as Correx/Corriboard.

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Floor protector roll

Tuffcard (also known as Buffalo Board) Economy board on a roll designed for inexpensive impact resistance.

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Fire Retardant Waterproof Woven Roll

100% Water Resistant Polypropylene Woven Floor Protection. Exceptionally strong & durable, slip resistant floor protection

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Stair Tread Protectors

Heavy duty stair tread protectors, an ideal protector for various surfaces. Lightweight Impact resistant, p rotect stairs with this pre-cut corriboard.

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Floor protection sheets

Stamp the dirt off before you walk on clean floors.
Ideal for maintaining clean room and laboratory standards ( 30 peel off layers).

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Standard Corriboard Sheet

All purpose fluted standard polypropylene protection, Corryboard, also known as Correx /Corriboard. Easily cut, curved or creased and very lightweight.

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